You remind me
Of that moment during the day
Right before the sun sets,
And you can see the sky
Get warmer and warmer,
Until all the shades of red, orange, and yellow
Blur and blend,
Like watching the composition
Of a true work of art,
Being painted in front of your eyes
Into a masterpiece of nature.
You remind me of the feeling I get
When I watch that quiet moment
Of the day,
Especially when I’m in a
Like a field of flowers,
Watching the warmth of the sun leave
For the moon’s silvery midnight glow,
And how sometimes the wind picks up
And rustles the tall grass
And all the leaves,
Just as the sky
Reaches its peak of beauty,
And the glowing light feels eternal
And ephemeral
All at once.
That’s what you remind me of,
That solitary moment
When earth and sky meet,
When they passionately embrace
And the heavens are warmed
But the truth of their love.
That’s my love for you.

Original Work: KH 9/20/14

The Phoenix

Who was I
Before I lost myself?
Where did that girl go,
The one I knew,
So long ago?
I haven’t a clue
But if I ever see her again,
I’ll tell her to find you.
She had hope
And she loved
And I miss her.
She no longer looks back
When I stare in the mirror.
Where she went,
I really don’t know
She must have drowned
In her endless tears
And her dreadful woe.
But if she rises
Once again,
Like the phoenix
Birthed from her own ashes,
May she reign for many years
And wear the crown that was her right
Never again shall she be lost in the darkness,
Striving for the light.

Original Work: KH 9/18/14


I feel like I’ve spent my whole life
Looking in
From the outside
Of some invisible place
That I can’t name
And don’t fully understand,
Where everyone else is standing
And living
And loving
But not me
I’m some drifter
In the wind
But that day has passed
I will no longer be
The girl who looks in,
And pretends to be happy
That she has a chance to look at all.

I won’t spend my whole life
Looking in from the outside.
This pattern changes today.
I will be inside looking out
Begging all those still outside
To find their way in too.
Everyone is welcome.
Everyone should have the chance
To stop being on the outside
Looking in.
Everyone should understand how it feels
To be on the inside looking out.
There’s no time like now
To get a new perspective.

Original Work: KH 9/18/14

A Prayer For All Of My Fellow Lost Souls

May you find
Peace in the eye of the tornado
Forever living in your mind
A safe harbor from the turbulent waves
That will always rock your soul
Shelter from the earthquake
That cracks wide open your heart
A quiet corner to escape to
When you’re wildly overwhelmed
By all of your consuming thoughts
A field of wildflowers to lie in
When you need to remember how to breathe
A roof to cover your tired head
When the storms coming rolling in
A warm, soft bed to sleep in
When your mind has had enough
And can simply take no more of life
Or living
And you beg for sleep
A plane to take you far away
From the demons that you’re running from
That will forever live inside of you
Love in unexpected places
When you never see it coming
But need it more than anything
Calm when madness seeps into your thoughts
And again
And again
Joy in dreams fulfilled
And acceptance in dreams lost
Contentment that lasts
Not just happiness that fades with time
Although a dash of happiness I also wish for you
But above all
I wish you luck
In finding your path
And enjoying your journey,
And hope.
I wish for you to have hope.
May you be hopeful in every lost place,
Every broken heart,
Every tear fueled loss.
I wish for hope
For all of my fellow lost souls
May you always remember
That hope,
Is what guides the lost soul home.

Original Work: KH 9/17/14

Enjoying Life

Today, I came to a realization. I realized that I take life way too seriously. I mean, life should be taken seriously, to an extent, but I take it just one step too far. I take things so seriously, that I forget to have fun. I forget to laugh. I forget to actually LIVE. And that’s a problem. I see other people living their lives, and they manage to maintain a sense of joy, and happiness, and freedom in the way they live, and carry themselves. I realized today, that I need to learn how to do that for myself. I need to learn how to enjoy the moments that are happening, and to really take them in. I need to learn how to be unafraid of failure, and of success, because I seem to fear both, if I’m being truthful. I need to learn that my anxiety and stress about life, does not need to control me, and consume me, on a daily basis. Life doesn’t have to be awful, if you choose to make it great. Granted, some things that happen in life are horrible, and they can’t avoided, but I’m not talking about those unseen, unstoppable events. I’m not talking about what life throws at people, and how they have to deal with it. I’m talking about making an effort to make every day great, if you have the ability, and I believe we all do. Even if it’s just something small that happens, that can be the great event of the day. I realized that life really isn’t fair, and good things don’t always happen to good people, so we almost have to make our own luck, and take chances to make things great in our own lives. In my life. That’s my goal anyway. My goal is to stop taking life so seriously. To relax, and enjoy the ride. And to truly believe, that everything happens exactly when it’s meant to. I’m going to make every day great, and be grateful for every day. I’m going to find the silver lining, even if it takes all damn day. Even when life throws me horrible, unavoidable curve balls, I’m going to try to make the best of it, enjoy the day regardless, and continue to hope that tomorrow will be a better day! I’m going to live, and truly taste the goodness of every single day, because each day is truly a gift, and I’m not going to forget that anymore. Life is all we have, right? Might as well enjoy it! xxx


Don’t let hate

Or bitterness

Eat your heart

And suffocate your soul

It’s a struggle


But you must fight

With the light

Of your deep rooted spirit

And let it shine through you

On you

And fill you with an eternal glow

That radiates from your eyes

And smile

It lives inside us all

It’s there to be found

Do not let life break you

But continue to fight

For the good that’s left

And the love that remains

Don’t give up

But fight

Use your light

And let it shine bright.

Original Work: KH 9/17/14

One of those days…

It was one of those days
When the world seemed at your feet
Like the sun was shining solely for you,
And dreams were starting to come to life.
It was one of those days
When everything seemed endless,
Life, love, happiness.
When dreams seemed to realize themselves.
It was one of those days,
You know the ones
When everything seems possible…


You know those days too.
When something happens,
Like a light switch in your brain,
And possible becomes
And everything is nothing
And hope evaporates
Back up into that secret place
Where it lives
In that quiet corner
Of the universe
That we’re all always searching for.

It was one of those days.

Original Work: KH 9/15/14


Sometimes, I feel like an unbelievable failure. I feel suffocated by my ambition to achieve, and to accomplish every single goal that I’ve set for myself, no matter how seemingly unrealistic said goal is. In my mind, there’s nothing holding me back but myself, even if that isn’t necessarily the case. I hold myself to incredibly high standards, and sometimes, that can be very taxing and almost poisonous to my mind. I have a college degree, from a great university, and quite a bit of experience under my belt, both academically and in the job market, as well as personal life experience also. But for me, it’s not enough. I swore the day I moved out of my hometown and home state, that I would never live there ever again. I had finally found a way out; I was finally free. Yet, here I am, back in my hometown, feeling like a disgusting, colossal failure. I always equated staying in my town with being a failure. And to be honest, I still do. This is a town where dreams go to die, in my opinion, and I refuse to allow my dreams to end up in the same wasteland as everyone else’s.

That’s why I am always so anxious and stressed about finding a good job and getting out go here. That’s why I’m desperately trying to get into grad school abroad. It’s why I am desperate to do well on this test I have to take tomorrow, which will determine whether or not I qualify for an interview for this job I desperately need. Notice how many times I used the word desperate in that sentence. I’m aware of how sad and pathetic that makes me. But it’s true. At some point, you have to accept your current state of being, and unfortunately, this is mine at the moment. I feel so ashamed when I have to talk to people from my past, people that I used to know, and tell them what I’m doing with my time. They give me that look full of pity, and true to reassure me that everything will work out. And it makes me feel furious, and insulted, and quite frankly, belittled. But that’s my own issue. I feel ashamed that I can’t tell them I’m successful, because I’m not. I’m ashamed to feel like I have achieved so little in my life; whether that’s actually true or it’s my own self perception is difficult to say at this time. Sometimes, shame just weighs me down, and it’s exhausting. I try so hard to understand that life is a journey, that I’m on a path, and that one day it will all make sense. I try to remind myself of that daily. But sometimes, it doesn’t take, and that feeling of shame suffocates me. I hope that I am able to turn things around, so that when I run into someone from my past, I can be proud of myself, my life, and my accomplishments. I hope to one day feel like I’ve achieved something worthwhile. I hope to one day make my dreams come true, so I feel the sense of pride that comes with that fulfillment and realization. Shame is an ugly word, and I cannot wait until the day I am able to remove it from my vocabulary for good.


You make me believe in goodness
And you make me hopeful
And that’s enough for me right now
You’re like sunshine
In the endless grey sky of my life
When I see you I smile
I feel at peace
And for a moment
You remind me of hearing an angel sing
Or the beauty of a pattern
On a butterfly’s wing
And I don’t care if that sounds cheesy
It’s true
It’s how I see the world
So let me be
Thank you for just existing
In this moment that’s what I need
You’re a blessing
And not a curse
When things could only get worse
You brought me back up
And held me tight
And I felt ok that whole damn night
Take flight
My heart
Find your way
To that love that makes you feel
Bless you
And bless your soul
You’re slowly filling the hole
That lives inside my heart
Your light shines into the horizon
And stretches for eternity
And I could walk toward
That ever disappearing point
Of no return
If it meant
I’d be warmed by your love
And light
I see you shining like the stars
Until the universe ends
And ever
And ever
And ever
And ever

Original Work: KH 9/11/14