London Longing

I miss,
With quiet desperation,
Reserved melancholy,
Muted longing,
Unbearable aching,
The feeling of London against my skin,
As I breathe the ancient air and it fills my expanding lungs,
Hungry and ravenous for that familiar sensation,
The feeling of calm relief as my shoulders lose their tension,
As my face relaxes and eyes close gently,
I take a deep breath and it fills my body fully,
The city quakes and shakes and moves with booming life,
I hear the time chiming as it echoes through the living air,
Nights filled with shining lights blended with infinity,
Eternity at the bottom of a pint glass,
I remember him, and them, and everyone around me,
In reverence I do revel,
In a memory unforgettable,
This deep spring night I recall to my mind,
All the life I left behind,
When in my woeful heart did drown,
The sweet memory of London Town.

Original Work: KH 4/24/14

Magnolia Tree

I wandered off on a day of blue,
Aimless and searching
A new point of view,
My feet led me down trodden path,
Tall grass and sunshine to last
Covered walk, trees blanket the sky,
Tall and endless, reaching high,
Shadows paint the stone built lane,
As petals float like summer rain,
All around me they do dance,
I catch one falling just by chance,
In my palm it sits and waits,
As my mind deliberates,
From which tree did this gem fall,
I look above me standing tall,
Blooms of pink are bursting bright,
As they drift down on silent flight,
A rosy sea engulfs my feet,
Crashing waves of flora sweet,
It towers high above my head,
The birthplace of this blooming bed,
A Magnolia Tree reached for heaven high,
She looked to touch the bright blue sky,
For this ethereal moment I felt free,
As I breathed in the magnolia tree.

Original Work: KH 4/24/14


A crack of thunder
Is it the sky or my heart
That is now breaking?

Original Work: KH 4/21/14

6 Words


Original Work: KH 4/21/14

10 Word Story

Their record played

During our goodbye-

How deliciously retro, darling.

Original Work: KH 4/20/14


Loneliness became a friend,
A companion constant
On which I could depend,
Through life I ambled
Searching in forgotten places
For the hope I had misplaced,
Empty trails lay before me
So I chose to venture there,
To see what sat in waiting
For a drifter such as me,
On this distant road I traveled
Alone and faraway
I rambled,
Quietly till break of day
On the lookout for
A fellow wanderer,
Alas I could not find a soul
With whom to share my vacant road,
Only loneliness did reappear
And we held hands,
Fast friends,
And we rambled down this empty trail
We drifters on an aimless path
Searching for a long forgotten home.

Original Work: KH