The Space In-Between

To me,
You are not a dream,
You are that moment
When head meets pillow,
Eyes flutter closed,
When darkness blankets not only room,
But mind,
The space is silent,
Flooded with peace,
When all of life,
In that moment of calm,
Those short minutes of giving in,
Of allowing rest to wash over all,
That is life,
When those moments of peace
Are as perfect and calming
As a summer afternoon,
When one walks in sunshine,
Not a sad sound is heard,
Just the laughter of joy and love,
Skin is warmed by high noon light,
When windows are open,
And curtains billow with summer breezes,
That is rest,
That is calm,
That is the moment before sleep takes over,
Before dreams materialize
You are that moment,
That quiet space,
You are summer in those sleepy seconds,
You are the open windows.

Original Work: KH 4/17/14

A Soul Seeks The Sea

She stepped out,
Walked out,
Coolness grasping,
Arches of her feet hugged by sensation,
Toes stretched and cracked,
She felt the cold dance up her legs,
All over her body,
Like cool silk sheets on hot skin,
Bare shoulders chilled,
Dotted with shivering freckles,
She ventures out,
A little further on now,
The heat and warmth of sun,
Outweighing the frost,
Like a blanket on winter’s night,
Springtime struggling,
Half in bloom,
Approachable April day,
Hard to plan for,
It’s wildly unpredictable ways,
The beloved split personality of spring,
The leftover icy touch of Winter’s night,
In a dance with Summer’s finite youth,
Perfection in an afternoon,
Limitless grace given to those
Who seek solace in the sea
She searches those waters for her soul,
Shattered by time,
Lost in waves,
Toes touch turquoise,
Time ceases,
She has reached peace.
Original Work: KH 4/16/14

Glass of Whiskey

I want to feel your love

Deep under my skin

Remember you

A passionate aching

That sensuality

Burning blood

Coursing through me

Like the liquor that I drink

That drink instead of you

A wishful glass of whiskey

And my mind is quiet

I don’t think too much anymore

I don’t hear that voice in my head

Reminding me that you’re gone

That it never was,

Never could be

I toast to the whiskey,

It has given me so much

Much more than you

I see you reflected in that glass

I long for you like a waking dream

Original Work: KH 4/16/14

Drop Me A Line

Just drop me a line

If in time

You change your mind


I will not wait

But I could never hate

You for being late


Write me a letter

It’ll all get better

When I’m wearing your grey sweater


In your bed

I’ll rest my head

And hear the lovely words you said


Just drop me a line

If in time

You change your mind


Original Work: KH 4/15/14


I could say I blame my heart
That I hate it for loving you
But it’s innocent of all that
It’s my mind that’s my undoing
It’s my brain that remembers you
And all the lovely things you said
And all the ways you made me feel like life was real
I felt calm
And longing
And manic desire
I blame my brain
Not my heart
For not letting me forget you

Original Work: KH 4/15/14

I mourn for something-

I mourn for something

So far gone

Long ago and it was foretold

I never felt you

Skin to skin

Except just once

When breath was caught

You are nothing

At least to me

But I, oh I am

Far less to you

Ships sailing East and West

You toward sun

I thought I was

Sailing through warm light

Yet no

I hit the endless storms

A ravaged sea

On the verge of sinking


I washed ashore



I mourn for me

What could never be

But you were lost at sea

And now I’m free.

Original Work: KH 4/15/14


I found you living
In a Hemingway novel
A home in the space between his words
Existing in the lines of his pages
A faint trace of nature
Lingering scent of warm whiskey
A man of earth
Dwelling on Paris avenues
The man you hoped you were
I found your soul
Tucked away
Melancholic and quiet
In Fitzgerald’s letters
A man of dreams
Living in a Parisian haze
Of cigarettes and discussions of life
I seek you still
In the musings of writers
From sea to mountaintop
You live in the clouds of my memories
Always of the verge of spilling tears.

Original Work: KH 4/12/14