B is for Bloomsbury

My home away from home
My light in London’s dreary skies
My summer heart lives eternal
Where we all said our goodbyes
In the quiet moments
On those late summer afternoons
Beneath the tall, tall trees
That stood outside my window
Which was open to the London breeze
Or rain, or thunder, or maybe even sun
I still feel my feet walking
Toward our quiet corner pub
Tucked away from London noise
My tears could fill those pint glasses
As I sit and reminisce
Let me read Virginia Woolf
Next door to where she lived
And feel history beneath my feet
And writers souls do haunt these streets
I close my eyes and see myself
Standing there beneath the leaves
of Bloomsbury’s tall, tall trees
And I feel fully happy
Maybe even a bit relieved
And possibly
For once
Just maybe
Even a little bit at peace.

Original Work: KH 8/22/14

A is for Australia

I left you in London
That night on Euston Road
So many years ago
When you made me feel
Like my green eyes
Were all you saw
In this world
But you were gone
And then you reappeared
You washed up on the shores
Of Sydney
Searching for something
Neither of us can name
Might as well seek it
On the other side of the world
Australia took you in
But London called you home
And I hope one day to see you
Back on Euston Road.

Original Work: KH 8/22/14

Amongst The Wildflowers

She walked amongst the wildflowers
And the tall, tall grass
And felt as though her mind couldn’t last
How everything felt like a living dream
Internally she did loudly scream
But on the outside she was calmly at peace
In the hopes the madness would not increase
Yet through this empty land she walked
With no living soul would she dare talk
But rather the voice inside her heart
Did sing its songs and make its art
The colours of her broken soul
Her mind sucked into a crushing black hole
Inside her madness reigned supreme
But outside she still remained serene
And through the tall, tall grass
And the wildflowers she did pass
And did lie down on the dirty ground
And felt the world spin round and round
Until all she saw was a shining star
And heard the haunting chords of his guitar.

Original Work: KH 8/20/14

Needle and Thread

Let me have your heart
I can hold it in my hands
I promise that I’ll be gentle
I won’t do any more damage
I want to take all of the pieces
Like a puzzle that hasn’t been completed
And find how they fit together
So you can finally move on
And love yourself
And love me too
Let me get my needle and thread
And sew those pieces back together
Your heart may be a patchwork
Of all the times it was broken before
And unfortunately a couple pieces are now missing
And they don’t all fit quite right anymore
It’s all so slightly imperfect
But if you give me a chance I can mend it just a bit
And I can make it myself
Your heart can be reassembled
If you’d just let me have a go
I’ll help you recover and heal
And open your heart to love that’s real
Please let me in
Inside your mind
Your soul and what makes you tick
So I can finally find a way to fix
Your melancholy heart
And shine some light
Into your eternally dark art.

Original Work: KH 8/20/14

Summer’s Finale

Along the path of summer
We do softly tread
As autumn makes her way to us
It fills my heart with dread
I want to remember you
In the sunshine and the summer air
The way your hands felt on my skin
How you put flowers in my hair
How we walked in the tall green grass
How we would lie in our empty field
I felt like everything was an illusion
And you were all that did seem real
I want to live in a summer moment
A breath of eternal life
It breathed
As the wind picked up
And began to blow
The flower petals through the trees
And summer ended
Without a slow and drawn out fade
And I lost you all at once
To autumn’s sharp and cooling blade
But forever you do live
Inside my aching heart
Where summer is in infinite bloom
For your summer love I make my art
When I am filled with autumnal gloom
Next year I hope to find you
In the tall green grass
Of our empty field at last
The color to match your shining emerald eyes
Holding a crown of flowers
With blue to match our summer skies
And live wrapped in my golden hair
For another summer love affair.

Original Work: KH 8/19/2014

A Little Bit More…

I always loved to wear
Your long t-shirt
The one that fell
To my knees
It had a few holes
But you liked it distressed
Your favorite band
Emblazoned on the chest
You always liked to pull at the seams
Moving it up my thighs from my knees
I guess if you came knocking
Pat my door
I pull up that t-shirt
Just a little bit more…

Original Work: KH 8/16/14

Marylebone Station

Those empty London streets
Echo your name
When everyone has turned in
And it’s just me
And the sound of my heels
On the old, time worn sidewalks
On my way to some place or another
I can’t even remember
Home I guess
It was late and my brain was foggy
Filled with memories of your lips and hands
Painted in a blurry haze of booze
And love songs pouring into my ears
Shuffle has a way of breaking hearts
Without even trying to
I stand alone
Just me and my outfit
I shouldn’t have bothered buying
A waste of money and time
Waiting for the tube to pull in
That gust of wind
Carrying your voice
I can hear it the sound of the machinery
I remember when you told me you loved
For the first time
Waiting in Marylebone station
I was so surprised I dropped my Oyster Card
You’d had a few pints
Felt brave, you said
I went to say I love you too
But was drowned out by the train
I said it louder just as everything got quiet
Some kids laughed
Because they were young
And didn’t understand yet
That to hear those three words
And say them back
For the first time
Is the greatest feeling in the world
Even when it happens in public
Waiting for the tube
In Marylebone
That ride home was long
All I wanted to be
Was in bed with you
That night still haunts my dreams
As does your favorite drink
When I hear another man order it at the pub
And every time I see a Stones tee shirt
I think of yours
I still play that song you love
The one you always played
As you took the Jubilee Line to work
I still root for Tottenham when they’re on TV
I used to prefer Liverpool
I take the Underground every day
But I avoid our station
And the Bakerloo Line
I don’t need to be reminded
Of everything I left behind
In the past
When I was happy
And you were here
Before you took that train
That never came back.

Original Work: KH 8/16/14