Puzzle Piece

It’s so hard for me
To articulate
What exactly is missing
From my life
I can feel it in my stomach
In my chest
In my mind
In my heart
But I can’t explain it
To anyone
Not even myself
I can’t verbalize
The emptiness
That consumes my soul
And eats it alive
From time to time
Because even that description
Isn’t quite right
That’s a better word
For how I feel
On days when everything seems out of reach
And I hate myself for being unhappy
I feel ungrateful for what I have
But something’s off
I wish I could find a way
To write down whatever this is
And explain it away
But something is gone
I wish I was a puzzle
Looking for the missing piece
But it’s more than that
I’m missing many pieces
And the ones I have
Are all put together incorrectly
I’m a mess
Maybe even less
I wish I could find peace
But it never seems to last
One day the sun will shine again
The fire that lives inside me
Will be ignited
And that light
Will shine out into the world
Filling everything with gold.

Original Work: KH 9/1/14

Me and Her

Oh Please
Save me from myself
And all the incarnations of me
That might appear
Save me from them
From her
And all her wild ways
You may see her wandering the streets of London
Or sitting at the bottom of a whiskey bottle
Or living in the chords of a guitar
Being played at a pub down the way
She may be wearing a hat
Or scarf
Or running naked through a field full of wildflowers
As the sun rises against the warming sky
Save me from me
From all the parts of me
That dance through the world
You may see her
Flying to the moon
Walking toward the horizon
Sinking with the sunset
Dancing through the stars
Stop that mad girl
From catching fire
As she lets the sun hold her in its arms
Save that girl trapped in the mirror
Whose green eyes
Mirror my own
Whose blonde hair flows in the summer breeze
And lives amongst the willow trees
Save yourselves
And her

Original Work: KH 8/31/14

One Day

But if one day

Just one day

Just for a moment

Just a second really

All of this made sense

And I understood why it had to happen

And why it all had to be like this

Why I was cursed

And blessed

And born such a mess

If the clarity I seek

Comes to me

Even if only for the blink of an eye

Then I will no longer cry

But rather hold my head up high

Finally exhale


And let the feeling of peace

Wash over me

And fill my soul

With the light I seek.

Original Work: KH 8/30/14

The Wind

I wish to make my life
Something carved in marble
My goals living inside a stone
That lasts for centuries
As they pass
I wish my voice was dipped in gold
So what I say could remain on Earth
Long after I have left
I dream of leaving my footprints
In something more than sand
That will be washed away
As the tide rolls in

But maybe it’s not meant to be
Maybe we’re all only here temporarily
And maybe that’s how it should be
Like the time it takes for the sun to set
Maybe that’s the point of it all
To live in the moment
Rather than the what ifs
To live in the now
Rather than tomorrow
And all the days that come next

Maybe we wish to be as permanent as the Earth’s core
But isn’t it more beautiful to be the wind?
Only in a place for a moment
Then on to the next
Not weighed down and under pressure
But rather free to float through the heavens
The core may be permanent
But it’s a hell of a life
To feel the pressure
And the literal weight of the world
Maybe it’s nicer to fly through the sky
Waving a quick hello and goodbye
And embrace the beauty of our short time here
Before we are free to carry on.

Original Work: KH 8/30/14


You know what it was about London, that made me fall in love with it? It was the fact that London brought out the very best version of me, the best version of myself. I was strong, confident, and unstoppable. I took chances, I was brave, I believed in myself. I saw a future there, and I can’t stop seeing it. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest in America, and London was the first place I ever visited outside of the United States. When I got off that plane, I felt something change inside of me. I felt reborn. I came alive. I discovered who I was; A woman whose soul lived out in the world, not at home. I saw myself as a new person; one who could achieve anything. Europe opened my eyes in a very real way, and helped me see how big and beautiful the world truly is. That’s why I hope to see more of the world one day in the future. And London was the start of all of that. London melted the ice off my heart, and helped me discover my love for life and adventure.

So thank you London, for everything. xx


Come to me
And share my love
But please bring with you
A little peace
And break me a piece
If you’d please
I’d be ever so grateful
To feel the calm
That lives within your heart
That blesses your soul
Let the light shine out
Of your green eyes
And into my own
Let your love live inside me
Until I’m brought back to life
And the grey clouds of rainy afternoons
And leave me just blue skies
I want a world of sunshine
To fill every pore of your skin
And mine
Until we light up the world
All I want are your hands
And the brown curls atop your head
As we roll inside our cotton sheets
Love igniting the sunset in the sky
Burning in the backdrop on my golden hair
As you look up at me
Together in the last moments of the world
Bring me peace when you come
And I’ll give you all the passion of my heart
I think I have a bit too much.

Original Work: KH 8/29/14

London Breeze

I see you in the sunlight
That streamed through the leaves
Of the tall, tall trees
In Hyde Park that autumn afternoon
Rustled by the London breeze

I see you in the reflection
Of the wild Irish Sea
That lovely day
I was near the bay
With the lighthouse to point the way
And I wished to float along
And sing that song
With you forever
And eternity

I see you in the waves
That crash along the shore
Where California meets the sea
When I wish you were here with me
And sunshine fills the sky
And my eyes
As I dream of you appearing
And yelling a loud “Surprise”

I see you in the hills I climbed
Straight up into the Scottish fog
When Edinburgh showed me the way
That rainy, dreary, autumn day
I see you in the puddles that line those ancient streets
I see you in the pints of whisky that I drank
Amounts quite fair
I heard you in the sound bagpipes
That filled the lovely Scottish air

I see you in the sunset
As Paris was filled with twilight
As we stood near the Seine
And kissed once, twice, again
The way that lovers do
When art and magic filled the air
And my heart could not despair
As I drank my sorrows away
Wine filled my glass
Until it all ran out
And I ran into that tall grass
In that small park
Where you said you loved me
And we laid until it grew dark

I will see you once again in London
When all is right and well and good
When I’m walking to the pub
In our old, quiet neighborhood
And I walk past Hyde Park again
On my way somewhere
Who knows, it doesn’t matter
Yet I’ll hear the rustle of those leaves
In those very tall, tall trees
Moved by the lovely London breeze
And know that you’re there
With me,
My Love.

Original Work: KH 8/28/14